The Open Dutch Para-Athletics Championchip will take place on Saturday 15th of June on the Athletics Track ‘Brakkenstein’ in the City of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Dutch Athletics Committee and Nijmegen Athletics Competition Committee are responsible for the Organisation of these International Championships.

The entry of athletes and the registration of performances and records will be available in At the latest  the 1st of April the temporary timeschedule will be presented on this webpage.

Early april the registration for these championships will be available and could be find via a link on this site. The registration for these Championships will be closed on the 2nd of June at 23:59 hrs.

At the entry of the game a personal record could be registrated. This should be verifiable performance (in a result of an official game or in an official ranking). At the entry of a game a class-registration is mandatory. Every atlete must have a classification-registration before the closing of the registration period of the Championship. The classification rules could be find here (only in dutch). The performances at the game-entry should meet the guidelines in the matchcode.

General matchrules of the matchcode are applicable to an athletes check out/not participating the game. If the permitted athlete does not check out timely, he/she will be charged with a 25 euro fine.

In case of several series in a game, these series will be divided in whatever classes, although with a subdivision in ambulant or wheeling and man or women.

Per category, whatever classes, medals will be available for 1st 2nd, and 3th athlete based on the relatively scored performance (%) to the world record in the related category. For every class with at least 5 athletes there will be dedicated series of medals.

The Championship will take place in the same weekend as an other International game will be held in Nijmegen. More information on this game could be found at Next Generation Athletics.