Competition Regulations

Competition regulations


Version 20032019

  1. Programme men and women
100 m finalsAmbulant
100 m finalsWheeling
200 m finalsAmbulant
200 m finalsWheeling
400 m finalsAmbulant
400 m finalsWheeling
800 m finalsAmbulant
800 m finalsWheeling
1500 m finalsAmbulant
1500 m finalsWheeling
High jump finalsStanding
Long jump finalsStanding
Discus throw finalsStanding
Discus throw finalsSeated
Shot put finalsSeated
Shot put finalsStanding
Club throw finalsSeated
Javelin throw finalsStanding
Javelin throw finalsSeated
  1. General Provisions
    1. At the latest April 1 2019, the preliminary time schedule will be published on;
    2. At the latest June 6 2019, the participants lists, start height and subsequent heights for the high jump will be published on;
    3. An event will take place as soon as one eligible athlete has confirmed and shown up at the start via the callroom.
  2. Entry provisions
    1. Competition entry closes June 2nd 2019 23:59 hours;
    2. At entry, a personal record may be indicated. The record has to be verifiable (online result of an official competition or official classification);
    3. At entry a sport class has to be indicated;
    4. Each athlete must have a classification before closure of the competition entry. Read here the classification policy of the Atletiekunie.
  3. Placement
    1. Performances indicated at entry must meet the requirements of the competition regulations.
  4. Cancellations/ failure to participate
    1. The general rules of the competition regulations are applicable;
    2. If an eligible athlete does not sign out in time (i.e. prior to the final confirmation time for the event indicated in the schedule) a fine of €25 will be given.
  5. Championtitle(s) and Dutch Championship medals

In cases where more heats exist, these will be organised by time, irrespective of sports class but with a sub-division ambulant or wheeling and men or women.

Championtitle(s) and medals

For each category, irrespective of sports class, medals are available for the 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd athlete per event. The respective gold, silver and bronze medals will be determined and handed out on the basis of a percentage (%) of the world record in the relevant sports class.

If there are at least five participants in a Paralympic class (when the Olympic class is combined this also applies to the Dutch Championships), separate medals will be made available for this class. The best performance per class applies to the final result of the championship.

In all cases of any difference in the interpretation of these regulations the Dutch version shall be accepted.Jun